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Team Data
JP name ゼロ
Dub name None
Captain Hakuryuu
Shuu (Taisen Route)
Coach None
Wins 0
Losses 0
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 001

Zero (ゼロ) is a team.


This team appeared in Episode 1 in the Holy Road Stadium with some other teams. They went there to see who will be chosen for Inazuma Japan but nobody from this team was chosen.


  1. Hebino Makito (GK)
  2. Saki Yukio (DF)
  3. Ejima Kazuya (DF)
  4. Onizuka Heita (DF)
  5. Kiya Kouji (DF)
  6. Rinne Makoto (MF)
  7. Seidou Dan (MF)
  8. Kai (FW)
  9. Yuuki Jou (MF)
  10. Hakuryuu (FW/Captain)
  11. Shuu (FW)

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