White Hurricane
White Hurricane Galaxy 14 HQ 11
JP name ホワイトハリケーン
Dub name White Hurricane
Type Shoot Icon
Element Wind Icon
Characteristic Shoot Block
Power Unknown
Aura damage Unknown
Shibire damage Unknown
User 1
Evolution Normal → G2 → G3 → G4 → GX → GO
TP Consumption
Galaxy 70
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 014

White Hurricane (ホワイトハリケーン) is a shoot hissatsu that is used by Hakuryuu.



It appeared in Episode 14 in the practice match of Inazuma Japan and Resistance Japan. It was used by Hakuryuu and it was chained with Yukimura Hyouga's Panther Blizzard. It scored the first goal, hitting Shindou Takuto, who tried to stop it with his leg, and passing Ibuki Munemasa. It was later used again, to score the third and final goal as it broke through Ibuki's Wild Dunk.


The user swings his arm from the left to the right side and the ball flies up and gathers yellow aura. Then, the user jumps up and yells a bit. The user flies in the air and then, shoots the ball, covered by yellow aura and being a hurricane, towards the goal.


Shindou being hit Galaxy 14 HQ

Shindou Takuto being hit by the shoot chain of White Hurricane and Panther Blizzard.

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