Tsurugi Yuuichi
Yuuichi Galaxy 19 HQ
JP name 剣城優一
Dub name Vladimir Blade
Gender Male Icon
Position FWicon
Number None
Element Fire Icon
Team None
Seiyuu Maeno Tomoaki
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 019

Tsurugi Yuuichi (剣城優一) is a supporting character of the series. He is the older brother of Tsurugi Kyousuke.


He and his brother were huge soccer fans, and they used to idolize Gouenji Shuuya. But a terrible accident shattered his dreams of playing soccer.


He appeared in episode 19 with his brother, Tsurugi Kyousuke. They both walked towards a soccer field and Yuuichi stated that he wasn't even worried about Kyousuke when Kyousuke told him that Earth Eleven had to go into space to save soccer. As Shindou Takuto, Matsukaze Tenma and Raimon were playing soccer with each other, Yuuichi said to Kyousuke that he need to go to play with them and wished him good luck for the upcoming matches.




Game Exclusive TeamsEdit

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