Stag Kwatta
Stag Kwatta EP33 HQ
JP name スタッグ・クワッタ
Dub name None
Gender Male Icon
Position MFicon
Number 9
Element Earth Icon
Team Ratoniik Eleven
Galaxy Eleven
Seiyuu None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 032

Stag Kwatta (スタッグ・クワッタ) is a midfielder and the captain for Ratoniik Eleven.


He has a grey skin with black hair at the top and white hair going down. He also has two white horns sticking out and has white eyes without irises. He wears the Ratoniik uniform with a lightblue captain band.


He first appeared in episode 32 with his whole team, welcoming Earth Eleven to their planet.

In episode 33, his team played against Earth Eleven. He used Mushroom Hop to get pass Minaho but lost his ball to Manabe, who unleashed his Soul Strike on Stag.

In episode 34, he also unleashed his Soul Gusfii to get pass Manuuba Gibutsu.







Game Exclusive TeamsEdit


  • His surname is similar to kuwagatamushi (クワガタムシ), which is Japanese for stag beetle. Hence, his appearance is also relatively similar to a stag beetle.
  • In episode 34, after he used his Soul, he is wrongly portrayed without his blue captain band.

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