Shamshir HQ
Team Data
JP name シャムシール
Dub name None
Captain Said Ashraf
Coach Murshid Amir
Wins 2
Losses 1
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 008
Shamshir's emblem

Shamshir (シャムシール) is the representative team for Saudi Arabia in the Football Frontier International Vision 2.


The Shamshir uniform consists of a dark green shirt with white lines around collar and going down the sleeves. The end of the sleeves is white with a dark green line. The shorts are white, and the socks are dark green.

The goalkeeper uniform consists of  a black shirt with a purple rainbow-shaped semi-circle on it. The collar is dark grey, which follows a path down to the sleeves, which are mainly black. The shorts are dark grey and the socks are black.


In Episode 8, Shamshir played as the third opponents against Inazuma Japan in the Asia preliminaries of the Football Frontier International Vision 2. Shamshir were making a lot passes and getting past Inazuma Japan's players, making it look easy. Tamir Nasr passed it to the captain Said Ashraf, and scored the first goal with Oil Rush. It was only a few minutes into the match, and Shamshir had already scored. Some of their players seemed to foul Kusaka Ryuuji and then called him weak. Kusaka then switched moods and fouled them. Shamshir then used Dai Sabaku Sunaarashi combining with Said Ashraf's Oil Rush to score the second goal for them. In the end, they lost against Inazuma Japan with a score of 3-2.


  1. Sultan Karam (GK)
  2. Shakir Zahar (DF)
  3. Assad Gais (DF)
  4. Batal Majid (DF)
  5. Kamil Sadid (DF)
  6. Khalil Utbah (MF)
  7. Nazim Nizar (MF)
  8. Tamir Nasr (MF)
  9. Rashid Haqim (MF)
  10. Said Ashraf (FW/Captain)
  11. Kashim Bador (FW)

Hissatsu TacticsEdit


  • Every player of the teams in the FFIV2 apart from Shamshir (and Inazuma Japan) data, have been drastically increased from what they were in previous tournaments.

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