Sazanaara Eleven Gallery

Sazanaara Eleven
Sazanara Eleven in OP2
Team Data
JP name サンドリアスイレブン
Dub name None
Captain Powai Pichori
Coach Porco Umil
Wins 1
Losses 1
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 026
Sazanaara Eleven Emblem

Sazanaara Eleven (サザナラ・イレブン) is the team representing Sazanaara in the Grand Celesta Galaxy.


They were Earth Eleven's second opponent in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament. A member of Shitennou, Hilary Flail, joined them to defeat Earth Eleven. However, they still lost with 3-2 due to Matatagi Hayato released his dark side and his Soul, Hayabusa, and Minaho Kazuto released his Soul, Fukurou, too.


  1. Van Tarel (GK)
  2. Ness Biicha (DF)
  3. Garira Zabu (DF)
  4. Urumi Chapupu (MF)
  5. Powai Pichori (MF/Captain)
  6. Kapis Tamal (MF)
  7. Hilary Flail (MF)
  8. Chulka Potta (MF)
  9. Batul Dovo (FW)
  10. Sevan Basha (FW)
  11. Valha Poropo (FW)
  12. Sarama Salasa (MF)

Hissatsu TacticsEdit



  • They have the ability to see "azurs", the shapes of hearts just like other Sazanaara citizens, and have used this ability in the anime.

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