JP name サザナラ
Dub name None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 024

Sazanaara (サザナーラ) is a planet. Their soccer team Sazanara Eleven will be the second opponent for Earth Eleven in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament.

Inhabitants appearanceEdit

They have relatively humanoid apperances, differentiated by their pale blue skins. They also wear tight clothes with short sleeves and long black socks. Their clothes also have multicolored fabric on their shoulders.


Earth Eleven arrived at the planet in episode 24Ishigashi Gorham also led the team in a tour through the planet. Unlike the previous planet, Sazanaara is seemingly very gloomy and dull, and all the citizens do not seem to like Earth Eleven and shot unfriendly glances at them. Later when the Earth team was walking over a bridge, some citizens of Sazanaara came and challenged them to a soccer battle. They won easily with one point. During the match, Tetra said that there is an interesting kid in the Earth team, and another said that actually Matatagi is a strong player. When the match ended, Guraami, one of the players, came up to Matatagi and told him that he is a "lonely guy", and pitied him for being someone none of his friends really care about, which infuriated him greatly.


Earth Eleven's azurs

Earth Eleven's "azurs" as seen by Sazanaara Eleven.

According to Mizukawa, Sazanaara people have a unique power, the power of seeing "azur", the shapes of hearts. It is first shown when the Sazanaara people were able to see through Matatagi's "dark side".

According to Van Tarel, "azurs" appeared as orbs of light hanging up a person's head. There are a variety of colors and shapes of "azurs", changing depending on the emotions of the possessors, but usually they are seen as a green orb. In Matatagi and Tenma's cases, they were dark and twisted, bright and "beautiful" resepectively, due to the distrust Matatagi developed and the bonds Tenma developed.


  • This planet is based on the element of water.

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