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Sandorius Eleven
Sandorius Eleven Galaxy 22 HQ
Team Data
JP name サンドリアスイレブン
Dub name None
Captain Kazerma Woorg
Coach Zundal Zand
Wins 0
Losses 1
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 021
Sandorius emblem

Sandorius Eleven (サンドリアスイレブン) is the team representing Sandorius in the Grand Celesta Galaxy.


They are Earth Eleven's first opponents in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament. Captain of Sandorius Eleven, Kazerma Woorg, has promised to Earth Eleven that they will fight fairly, even though the loser will have their planet destroyed.

They first appeared in episode 21 when Kazerma walked into the club room, revealing the whole team. Then, Barga Zachs, a member of Shitennou, came in and said that he joined to team. While Kazerma disagreed with it, the other members found it a good idea, so they were able to take down Earth Eleven.

The match started and Sandorius Eleven started off with playing tricky plays, causing Earth Eleven having a hard time to play against them. Sandorius Eleven also managed to score the first goal with only a normal shoot.

The match continued in episode 22 with Sandorius Eleven still in lead with 1-0. Sandorius' members still tried to injure the Earth Eleven players in order of Barga. However, Kazerma made the members back to their senses after saying that they should play with their pride. When Morimura Konoha released her Soul, Fox, and stole the ball back from Barga. Then, Shindou Takuto used Kami no Takuto FI and Ichikawa Zanakurou got the ball. He also released her Soul, Lion, and scored the first goal for Earth Eleven, which made Barga angry and he left the stadium. The match continued and Kazerma released his Soul, Dohma, and scored the second goal with Dust Javelin. The match ended with Earth Eleven winning, with a score of 3-2 due to that Kusaka Ryuuji scored with Kyoubou Head and Tsurugi Kyousuke with Bicycle Sword.

In episode 37, a few members of the team made a minor appearance, watching the Grand Celesta Galaxy final match between Earth Eleven and Faram Dite.


  1. Badai Jaran (GK)
  2. Gobira Mongo (DF)
  3. Duff Natter (DF)
  4. Barga Zachs (DF)
  5. Takla Markar (DF)
  6. Namiba Mibu (DF)
  7. Kazerma Woorg (MF/Captain)
  8. Gaara Haliza (FW)
  9. Zaba Harler (FW)
  10. Shar Kiiya (FW)
  11. Akka Tamal (FW)

Hissatsu TacticsEdit



  • Barga Zachs originally, isn't from the planet Sandorius. Instead, he is from the infamous planet Faram Obius. The reason he joins this team is so that he can play unfairly against Earth Eleven, and make them lose in their match; as Earth are seen as a threat to Faram Obius.

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