Sandorius HQ21
JP name サンドリアス
Dub name None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 020

Sandorius (サンドリアス) is a planet. Their soccer team Sandorius Eleven will be the first opponents for Earth Eleven in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament.

Inhabitants appearanceEdit

The inhabitants of Sandorius have relatively humanoid appearances. They are differentiated by two horns or more on their head which are in place of their eyebrows; these horns can have different forms however. They also have marks and patches on their face. Around their necks, they wear a red and black object.


Captain of Sandorius' team Kazerma Woorg, has promised to fight against Earth Eleven fairly, although at the end of the match, the losing team will have their planet taken over by Faram Obius.

Earth Eleven arrived on this planet in episode 20. Ishigashi Gorham told Earth Eleven that they could explore Sandorius will-free, until their match against Sandorius Eleven, exciting the members as they were about to travel in an entire new planet. Everybody went into groups. Ibuki and Minaho were seen tasting food which they enjoyed, Tenma and Shinsuke tried a drink, Kusaka and Konoha saw a creature that resembled a cat, but scared them off as it quickly showed its sharp teeth and scary side. Tsurugi, Ichikawa and Shindou watched a Sandorius inhabitant doing entertainment.

Later on, Tenma, Shinsuke, Tetsuukado, Matatagi and Kusaka met up. Five players of Sandorius offered them out to play soccer, and was annoying Tetsukado at the same time. So, they played a soccer-battle with five of Sandorius' citizens. The Sandorius members were hurting the Earth representatives on purpose, so that they couldn't play in the match that they'll have against Sandorius Eleven. Matatagi was about to get run into by three of the Sandorius members, when Kazerma Woorg interfered and the Sandorius members stopped immediately.



  • This planet is based on the element of sand.
  • Sandorius is known as 5867-3071 on the galactic table.

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