Said Ashraf
Said Ashraf Galaxy 8 HQ
JP name サイード・アシュラフ
Dub name None
Gender Male Icon
Position MFicon
Number 10
Element Earth Icon
Team Shamshir
Seiyuu Kosuke Takaguchi
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 008

Said Ashraf (サイード・アシュラフ) is a midfielder and the captain of Shamshir.


His hair is colored dark green and his eyes are black. He wears the Shamshir uniform with a red captain band.


He first appeared in episode 8 with his team Shamshir in the Holy Road Stadium to play against Inazuma Japan. In the match, he received a pass from Tamir Nasr and quickly used Oil Rush after that. Oil Rush easily scored the first point for Shamshir, passing the Japan goalkeeper, Ibuki Munemasa. Later, he was hit by Kusaka Ryuuji in his other personality, as he was teasing him about being weak.

In episode 9, he called his teammates to use Dai Sabaku Sunaarashi to pass the Inazuma Japan defense which succeeded. After passing the defense, Said used Oil Rush for the second time. It succeeded in scoring the second goal, easily passing Ibuki Munemasa. He was shocked that Kusaka was able to control his Berserker Mode and that he broke through Dai Sabaku Sunaarashi. At the end, Inazuma Japan won with 3-2, due to Matatagi Hayato's Parkour Attack, Tsurugi Kyousuke's Bicycle Sword and Kusaka's Kyoubou Head. After they lost, Said was seen to be very disappointed because he cried out loud.


Game Exclusive TeamsEdit


  • He is known as The Lion of Arabia.

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