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Rolling Cutter
Rolling Cutter Galaxy 16 HQ 5
JP name ローリングカッター
Dub name None
Type Block Icon
Element Fire Icon
Characteristic Normal
Power 130
Aura damage 70
Shibire damage Unknown
Users 2
Evolution Normal → 改 → 真 → 爆 → 絶
TP Consumption
Galaxy 40
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 016

Rolling Cutter (ローリングカッター, Rōringu Kattā) is a combination block hissatsu used by Micha Eremin and Sergei Chernov.





It was used multiple times in episode 16, to defend against Japan's plays. It was used against Sakura twice, Kusaka and Matatagi.


One of the users is running, while the other jumps up in the air. The user in the air then locks hands with the other user, and they rapidly spin, forming a 'circular blade', which then goes toward the opposing player and gets hit by it, allowing the users to run free and gaining possession of the ball.




Inazuma Eleven GO 3 Galaxy Rolling Cutter00:06

Inazuma Eleven GO 3 Galaxy Rolling Cutter

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