Roglos Gordon
Roglos Gordon in EP29 HQ
JP name ログロス・ゴードン
Dub name None
Gender Male Icon
Team None
Seiyuu Sonobe Keiichi
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 028

Roglos Gordon (ログロス・ゴードン) is an alien and the elder of the eastern tribe of Gurdon.


He first appeared in episode 28, secretly watching Earth Eleven training.

In episode 29, he appeared to Ibuki and Shindou while they were trying to get back to the Galaxy Nauts Gou, and he brought them to the eastern tribe. He questioned them as to why they stepped in the eastern tribe territory, and Shindou told them about the red stone they were seeking, which shocked the Anti-Machine Faction members. Roglos continued to question Shindou about the red stone, and Shindou told him all about the four fragments of hope and about Katra Paige. Roglos then asked them about how reliable the information was, and Shindou answered that it was Tenma who communicated with Katra. Roglos then started telling them about the two factions and the fact that Arbega is his son.

In a flashback, Arbega argued with Roglos that the Pro-Machine Faction members would be the representative for Gurdon, and Roglos quickly agreed, to which Arbega teased the Anti-Machine Faction members of being cowards, and that he was glad to be disowned.

On the next morning, Roglos soared in the sky and were watched by Shindou and Ibuki. The duo were then brought into the sky and were dropped off into a volcano, in which their Souls were activated.



  • Like Kuroiwa Ryuusei, Roglos also has the ability to see the possessors of Soul. In addition, he is also able to see the features of the users' Souls, shown when he described Shindou's Soul having rainbow feathers and Ibuki's having gigantic tusks.

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