Rock Hammer
Rock Hammer Galaxy 22 HQ 6
JP name ロックハンマー
Dub name None
Type Block Icon
Element Earth Icon
Characteristic Normal
Power 170
Aura damage 5
Shibire damage Unknown
User 1
Evolution Normal → 改 → 真 → 爆
TP Consumption
Galaxy 55
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 022

Rock Hammer (ロックハンマー, Rokku Hanmā) is a block hissatsu used by Barga Zachs.






Rock Hammer in the TCG.

The hissatsu first appeared in episode 22 in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament against Earth Eleven. Barga succeeded in stealing the ball from Matsukaze Tenma by using it.

It was used again in episode 37 in the match of Earth Eleven and Faram Dite. Barga succesfully stole the ball from Shindou Takuto by using it.

It was used again in episode 38 by Barga. Barga used it this time to steal the ball from Matatagi Hayato and he succesfully stole the ball from him.


The user punches the ground and creates a 'rock hammer', made out of the ground. He then runs up to the opponent, jumps, and smashes the hammer onto the ground, creating a great impact and sending the opponent away.


Rock Hammer

Rock Hammer in the game



Inazuma Eleven GO 3 Galaxy Rock Hammer00:08

Inazuma Eleven GO 3 Galaxy Rock Hammer

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