Rising Slash
Rising Slash HQ 14
JP name ライジングスラッシュ
Dub name None
Type Catch Icon
Element Wind Icon
Characteristic Punching Catch
Power 120
Aura damage Unknown
Shibire damage -30
User 1
Evolution Normal → 改 → 真 → 爆
TP Consumption
Galaxy Unknown
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 016

Rising Slash (ライジングスラッシュ, Raijingu Surasshu) is a catch hissatsu used by Ibuki Munemasa.





In the fifteenth episode, whilst Ibuki was training in the Black Room, he punched the ball, and a yellow aura surrounded his fist, making him very much surprised. It was proof of his improvement, as this aura would turn into Rising Slash.

It made it's debut appearance in episode 16, making it the first time Ibuki had blocked Gold Fever.

Ibuki used it again during the match with Sazanaara Eleven, successfully blocking Bubble Boil


The user makes a fist with their right hand and puts it near their chest, which then a yellow aura gathers into the hand. The user then holds up their right hand in the air and runs, jumps up, spins once and then 'slides' along the floor. Then the user swings their right arm along near the ground, forming five yellow 'claws' from the ground, blocking the ball. Whilst the claws are blocking the ball, the user is behind it bending down, and when the shoot has been blocked and eventually hit out (as it's a punching catch), the user stands up.





Trace Press and Rising Slash in the TCG.



ライジングスラッシュ (Rising Slash) Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy00:14

ライジングスラッシュ (Rising Slash) Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy


Inazuma Eleven GO 3 Galaxy Rising Slash00:08

Inazuma Eleven GO 3 Galaxy Rising Slash

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