Ratoniik EP32 HQ
JP name ラトニーク
Dub name None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 032

Ratoniik (ラトニーク) is a planet. Their soccer team Ratoniik Eleven are the fourth opponent of Earth Eleven in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament.

Inhabitant's appearanceEdit

Most of the people of Ratoniik have bug-like features.


Earth Eleven arrived on this planet in episode 32. Unlike the previous planets, many inhabitants welcomed Earth Eleven's arrival, along with the planet's representative team, Ratoniik Eleven. One of the members, Banda Koloogyu led them on a tour around the planet, during which they encountered some Madowashisou, where Kusaka received his injury. However, being attacked by the Madowashisou, Manabe and Sakura successfully activated their Souls, Ratel and Kamoshika respectively.


  • The planet's prominent element is Wood.
    • Most of their hissatsu are based on the element of Wood.
  • The inhabitants of Ratoniik only have a short lifespan, varying from one week to one year, but the most live for one month.
  • They are a hospitable planet.
  • According to Rodan, the inhabitants of Ratoniik reproduce from their corpses.

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