Powai Pichori
Powai Galaxy 25 HQ
JP name ポワイ・ピチョリ
Dub name None
Gender Female Icon
Position MFicon
Number 5
Element Wind Icon
Team Sazanaara Eleven
Galaxy Eleven
Seiyuu Orikasa Fumiko
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 025

Powai Pichori (ポワイ・ピチョリ, Powai Pichori) is the captain and a midfielder of Sazanaara Eleven.


Powai has shoulder-length dark cerulean hair, which is tipped in white. She is of standard height and has pale blue skin. She also has purple/yellow eyes.


Powai is quite childish and carefree around other people. However, she also tended to have a side that loved toying with other people's "azurs", shown when she and her team planned to destroy Matatagi's "azur". 


Powai debuted in episode 25, in the clubroom of Sazanaara Eleven. The team goalkeeper, Van Tarel, came to tell Powai about Matatagi, which he described to have a "dark, ugly, twisted azur". Hilary Flail then came in and asked to share news, but Powai saw her mind and said that she came to say highfalutin words again. In reponse, Hilary wrapped her hair around Powai and absorbed her life force. 

In episode 26, Powai and her teammates played against Earth Eleven. As Earth Eleven thought that her team would see their "azurs", Powai promised that they would play fair and would not see their "azurs", with the exception of Matatagi's and Tenma's, which they planned to destroy. However, things went out of their control when their plan failed, and Tenma's words successfully activated Matatagi's Dark Side instead. At this point, Hilary Flail decided to join the second half, much to the team's dismay.

In episode 27, she was dismayed at the fact that Hilary joined the second-half of the match. Afterwards, she started getting frantic and confused at the sight of Earth Eleven's "randomly playing" strategy. Her team eventually lost with the score of 3-2, to which she dropped to the ground and whined.

In episode 37, she made a minor appearance among the audience along with a few teammates in Sazanaara Eleven, watching the match between Earth Eleven and Faram Dite.





Game Exclusive TeamsEdit


  • She addresses in third person. 
  • Her forename is derived from Powai Lake.

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