Osoroshii Kage
Osoroshii Kage in game
Team Data
JP name おそろしい影
Dub name None
Captain Unknown
Coach None
Wins 0
Losses 1
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime None
Osoroshii Kage team emblem

Osoroshii Kage (おそろしい影, lit. Terrible Shadow) is a game exclusive team.



This team first appeared at Ratoniik's planet in the Ratoniik no Mori Saishinbu after Earth Eleven walked to the main village. This team approached them and challenged them to a soccer match. However, they still lost.


  1. Kage 1 (GK)
  2. Kage 2 (DF)
  3. Kage 3 (DF)
  4. Kage 4 (DF)
  5. Kage 5 (MF)
  6. Kage 6 (MF)
  7. Kage 7 (MF)
  8. Kage 8 (MF)
  9. Kage 9 (MF)
  10. Kage 10 (FW)
  11. Kage 11 (FW)

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