Orlando Sherman
Nice Dolphin adult
JP name オーランド・シャーマン
Gender Male Icon
Team Big Waves (Coach)
Seiyuu Unknown
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 006

Orlando Sherman (オーランド・シャーマン), also called Ocean (オーシャン), is the coach for Big Waves


Orlando has tanned skin, short blonde hair and long sideburns. He has green eyes. He wears a white shirt with a light blue collar which goes connects in the middle and goes down to the bottom of his shirt. On the pocket of his shirt, he wears black sunglasses as an accessory. 


Orlando appeared in Episode 6, as the coach for Big Waves. He was the one who told them when to use the hissatsu tactics Suck Out, which was successfully used and even broke through Shindou Takuto's Kami no Takuto. The episode ended with a score of 2-1 to Big Waves, as their captain, Cole LaRuze, had scored both goals using Megalodon.

Big Waves fought a tough fight with Inazuma Japan, as they weren't letting them shoot. However Matatagi Hayato managed to score with his new hissatsu technique, Parkour Attack. They kept using their hissasu tactics Suck Out to keep their defense stable, but Nozaki Sakura broke through of it with Shindou Takuto's Kami no Takuto FI, which resulted in Manabe Jinichirou scoring the third and final goal. Big Waves lost to Inazuma Japan with a score of 3-2.

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