Nihon Shounen Soccer Kyoukai
Japan Youth Soccer Association Galaxy 4 HQ
JP name 日本少年サッカー協会
Dub name None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 004

The Nihon Shounen Soccer Kyoukai (日本少年サッカー協会, Japan Youth Soccer Association) is the organization responsible for all of youth-soccer in Japan.


In episode 4, it was revealed that Gouenji Shuuya works here, as the chairman. Shindou Takuto asked Gouenji about including backup members for Inazuma Japan but Gouenji said that he trusts Kuroiwa and his decisions. Shindou walked away but then Funagi Hiromasa, the trainer for Inazuma Japan, walked in and started talking to Gouenji about Kuroiwa's intentions. Shindou overheard the whole conversation by standing next to the door after he left the room.

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