Miyabino Reiichi
Miyabino Galaxy 1 HQ
JP name 雅野麗一
Dub name None
Gender Male Icon
Position GKicon
Number 1
Element Wood Icon
Team Teikoku Gakuen
Seiyuu Mina
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 001

Miyabino Reiichi (雅野麗一) is the goalkeeper for Teikoku Gakuen.



Miyabino in the TCG.

His hair is light bluish gray and spiky, which is raised up. His eyes are colored black. He wears the Teikoku Gakuen goalkeeper uniform.


He first appeared in Episode 1 with the rest of Teikoku to play an exhibition match against Inazuma Japan to see their abilities. In the match, Tsurugi Kyousuke and Matsukaze Tenma shot with Fire Tornado DD. Miyabino tried to stop it with Power Spike V3 but failed, making the score 10-1 for Teikoku.


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