Minokka Sago
Dub name Unknown Gender Male Icon
Element Wind Icon Type GKicon

Minokka Sago (ミノッカ・サーゴ), also known as Minokka (ミノッカ), is a scout character.


In order to recruit Minokka, you'll need:

  • Kizuna Coin: 3 White (白3)
  • Photo: Tairyouki (大漁旗の写真, Obtained at Dormitory Building 2 at Galaxy Nauts Gou's Second Compartment in Odaiba Soccer Garden)
  • Topic: Various Martial Arts (いろんな格闘技の話題, Obtained at The Martial Art Room in Raimon Jr High)
  • Topic: The Gap Of The Seen Order (見ためとのギャップの話題, Obtained in front of the Soccer Building in Raimon Jr High)
  • Topic: Powerful People (パワフルな人の話題, Obtained at the Gymnasium in Raimon Jr High)

After that, he can be scouted.




  • His name (ミノッカ・サーゴ) is a pun on lionfish (ミノカサゴ).
  • He slightly resembles Guraami.

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