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Magma Carpet
Magma Carpet Galaxy 30 HQ 4
JP name マグマカーペット
Dub name None
Type Dribble Icon
Element Fire Icon
Characteristic Normal
Power 140
Aura damage 5
Shibire damage Unknown
User 1
Evolution None
TP Consumption
Galaxy Unknown
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 030

Magma Carpet (マグマカーペット) is a dribble hissatsu.





It first appeared in Episode 30 in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament in the match of Earth Eleven and Gurdon Eleven. Etuna used Magma Carpet twice on Tetsukado Shin and succesfully passed him both times.


The user smashes the ball into the ground by using his legs. When the ball is smashed into the ground, a pool magma appears around the user. The magma goes to the opponent and the opponent is stuck in the already dried up lava. The user dribbles away, leaving the opponent behind.




Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy Magma Carpet (マグマカーペット) Full HD00:10

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy Magma Carpet (マグマカーペット) Full HD


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