Mag Nesium
Dub name Unknown Gender Male Icon
Element Earth Icon Type FWicon

Mag Nesium (マグ・ネッシウム), also known as Mag (マグ), is a scout character. He is also an inhabitant of Faram Obius.


In order to recruit Mag, you'll need:

  • Kizuna Coin: 2 White (白2)
  • Item: Chokotto Barrier (ちょこっとバリア, Randomly dropped by Cool Ocean at Abookle Street in Sazanaara)
  • Photo: Hologram Monitor (ホログラムモニターの写真, Obtained at Spaceport of Faram Obius)
  • Photo: Three-Dimensional Projection Equipment (立体投影装置の写真, Obtained at Obies Square)
  • Record: Kizuna Goods Collection Hobby (キズナグッズ集めが趣味, Have 10 Kizuna Items in hand)

After that, he can be scouted.


  • His name (マグ・ネッシウム) is derived from Magnesium's Japanese-English pronounciation (マグネシウ).

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