Maboroshi Shot
Maboroshi Shot HQ 12
JP name マボロシショット
Dub name Will-O'-the-Wisp Shot
Type Shoot Icon
Element Wood Icon
Characteristic Normal
Power Unknown
Aura damage Unknown
Shibire damage Unknown
User 1
Evolution Normal → V2 → V3 → V4 → Z
TP Consumption
Galaxy Unknown
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 014

Maboroshi Shot (マボロシショット) is a shoot hissatsu used by Mahoro Tadashi.





It first appeared in Episode 14 in the practice match of Inazuma Japan and Resistance Japan. It was used by Mahoro Tadashi and it scored the second goal, easily passing Ibuki Munemasa.


The user puts his arms in a horizontal line, and then lets them loose along with his body, making a pose where they are bending over with their arms facing toward the ground. While they are still like that, green bubbles similar to an appearance of a 'soul' are around the user, and quickly go into the ball, and the user slowly rises up. The user then kicks the ball, and the ball heads toward the goal while disappearing and appearing again.


Maboroshi Shot scoring

Maboroshi Shot scoring.

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