Lost Galaxy
Hoshi no Nakigara
Uchuu no Hate
Lost Galaxy mainview
JP name ロストギャラクシー
Dub name None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime None

Lost Galaxy (ロストギャラクシー) is a location in the game. It is created out of dead stars and memories.


This location is first accessible after you clear the game. Pixie is seen modifying the course of Galaxy Nauts Gou to go into Lost Galaxy, and it disappears before Kabata Shizune caught it. Kabata explained that this location shouldn't exist as it is not shown in the map.

Hoshi no NakigaraEdit

In Hoshi no Nakigara (星の亡骸, lit. Corpse of Star), when Earth Eleven got down to explore it, Aoi attempted to open the gate but then they were led down by either Sarjes Rugu or Acrous Obies in their Pixie form, activating the pit and explained to Earth Eleven their stories, in either Kiel's royal castle or Acrous' spaceship. In there, you can either challenge Big Bang or Supernova depending on which version you choose.

Uchuu no HateEdit

After defeating Big Bang and Supernova and connected the game, the sealed gate opened and revealed the area known as Uchuu no Hate (宇宙の果て, lit. End of the Universe), where a soccer field and Space Rankers are located.

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