Kiel in EP24
JP name キエル
Dub name None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime None

Kiel (キエル) is a ruined planet and the home planet of Katra Paige and Potomuri.


Not much is known about Kiel, except that it is said to be ruined and was once ruled by Katra Paige.

In episode 23Mizukawa Minori told Earth Eleven that Kiel is a planet that does not exist anymore, as it had been ruined. She also revealed herself as a former inhabitant of Kiel.

In episode 24Potomuri revealed the truth about him and Mizukawa: the current Mizukawa was actually possessed by his spirit, and his spirit can transfer between his pierrot body and Mizukawa's. When Kiel was ruined by a black hole, his spirit escaped and flew to Earth, where he headed to the hospital Mizukawa was in. Potomuri's spirit entered her body and the now awakened Mizukawa became his host "to participate the war".

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