Katra Paige Gallery

Katra Paige
Katra debut with typography EP23 HQ
JP name カトラ・ペイジ
Dub name None
Gender Female Icon
Position FWicon
Number None
Element Wind Icon
Team None
Seiyuu Ueda Reina
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 022

Katra Paige (カトラ・ペイジ, Katora Peiji) is a alien and the princess of Kiel.


She appeared briefly in episode 22, making a short debut in Tenma's dream along with Pixie. She led him into a cave (in the form of a light) where Pixie's stone was located.

In episode 23, she appeared to Tenma in reality and handed him Pixie's stone, and told him this is a method of saving the galaxy. She requested him to bring the other three fragments to her, but before she could finish she vanished again.

In episode 24, while Ishigashi was giving a tour around Sazanaara, she appeared again, but was only seen by Tenma. He asked her multiple questions about her planet, to which she told him to keep on winning in Grand Celesta Galaxy in order to know the truth. When Tenma asked her why she found him, she said that it was because she saw him being troubled that their victory means the despair for another planet, and that he could be the one that could use "their" power correctly to save the galaxy. She then disappeared.

In episode 27, Katra guided Tenma to a cave to collect the second fragment of hope, the Ocean Crystal.


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