Kanda Satoko
Sato-chan Galaxy 8 HQ
JP name 神田 里子
Dub name None
Gender Female Icon
Position FWicon
Number None
Element Earth Icon
Team None
Seiyuu Asami Yano
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 008
 Kanda Satoko (神田 里子) is a childhood friend of Kusaka Ryuuji.


Satoko has pale skin, dark red semi-lengthed hair which has a small flower clip at the left side. Satoko has black eyes and wears an unknown school uniform, which has a dark blue waistcoat, a white shirt and a red tie.  As a child, her hair was shorter, and she wore a white coat, a cream scarf and a pink skirt.


Satoko seems to be caring about her childhood friend, Kusaka Ryuuji as she had enough courage to see the match. However when she first appeared, she seemed quite emotionless, not smiling or giving any expression. But later on, Satoko showed she cared about Kusaka, because she apologized to him for something that had happened a long time ago, implying she carried a grudge all that time.


Satoko young HQ

Satoko when she was young.

She first appeared in episode 8, being spotted by Kusaka in the Holy Road Stadium, where Inazuma Japan and Shamshir had their match. She also appeared in Kusaka's flashback, running away from Kusaka after he was beaten up.

In episode 9, she was worried when Kusaka turned into his Berserker Mode and decided to confront him. She called his name and told him that she had leave him there, lying on the ground in the past, because she didn't know what she should do. She realized that it was wrong and that she came to the match to tell Kusaka it, leaving Kusaka crying on the field.

In episode 19, she listens to Kusaka tell his gang that he was going to space, and she commented that Kusaka had become able to tell jokes, as no one believed him.




  • Kusaka calls her by the name "Sato-chan".
  • And she calls Kusaka by the name "Ryuu-chan".

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