Kami no Takuto
Kami no Takuto Galaxy 6 HQ 4
JP name 神のタクト
Dub name Virtuoso
Type Offensive/Defensive
TTP Consumption
TTP 50
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 006

Kami no Takuto (神のタクト, lit. God's Baton) is a Hissatsu Tactic that is used by Shindou Takuto.




This tactic first appeared in Episode 6 used by Shindou in the match of Inazuma Japan and Big Waves. Shindou made the first line to order Sakura where the pass should go. The second line was for Kusaka to head the ball. The third line as for Matatagi to order him to go where the ball was coming. The fourth line was for Tenma to see where his pass from Matatagi came. Due to this, Tsurugi was able to score the first goal with his Bicycle Sword.

Shindou used the tactic several times again but it failed to order his teammates around because Big Waves stopped the players, who were advancing through the field with Kami no Takuto, with their tactic Suck Out.

Shindou used the tactic again in Episode 7 by order of Sakura to help her to get out of Big Waves' tactic, Suck Out. However, it failed and Shindou pointed out to her that she shouldn't had jumped higher than he has ordered with Kami no Takuto or else it might have worked.


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