Ixal in flashback EP36 HQ
JP name イクサル
Dub name None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 036

Ixal (イクサル) is a planet. The planet's representing team is Ixal Fleet.


200 years prior to the series, Ixal was destroyed by Faram Obius. A spacecraft containing 184 survivors, all put into sleep inside cold sleep devices, escaped before the planet was completely ruined. However, only 11 people awakened from their sleep, while the rest didn't. The eleven then formed the team Ixal Fleet, hell-bent on conquering the galaxy.

Inhabitants appearanceEdit

As seen in most members of Ixal Fleet, the people of Ixal have relatively pale white skin and humanoid features. They also have two "antenna"-like tufts on their heads.


  • The planet's element is based on void.
    • Most of their hissatsu's are void-attributed.

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