Ishigashi Gorham
Ishigashi HQEP20
JP name イシガシ・ゴーラム
Dub name None
Gender Male Icon
Position DFicon
Number 3
Element Fire Icon
Team Ixal Fleet
Seiyuu Aya Endou
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 020

Ishigashi Gorham (イシガシ・ゴーラム) is the co-ordinator of the Ginga Renpou Hyougikai.


Ishigashi has pale skin, green eyes and royal blue hair. He has one part of his hair going over his left eye. He wears a suit similar to Bitway Ozrock.


He debuted in episode 20, greeting Earth Eleven as they arrived in Sandorius. He was ordered by Bitway Ozrock to guide them, and then said that they have permission to go throughout the city to explore, before the match starts.

He appeared in episode 22 escorting Earth Eleven to the stadium. When the team was doubting why Barga Zachs was present in the team, he told the team that aliens could join other planets' representative team as long as the citizens of the original planet permit the change.

He appeared alongside Tsurugi's imposter and kidnapped him, and told the Fake Tsurugi Kyousuke to play it well. Later, he reported to Bitway Ozrock that the kidnapping was successful and that Matsukaze Tenma had obtained a shiny stone from Katra Paige. Bitway told him that Earth Eleven had to leave immediately.

In episode 24, he led Earth Eleven in a tour through Sazanaara

In episode 28, he guided Earth Eleven into Gurdon and told them a little history about the planet.

In episode 32, he told Earth Eleven that the people of Ratoniik evolved from bugs, but that they were also very affectionate and friendly.


In order to recruit Ishigashi, you need to have beat Ixal Fleet. Also, you'll need:

  • Kizuna Coin 5 White (白5)
  • Item: Stinger Wing Model (スティンガーウィング模型, Randomly dropped by Ixal Fleet in Taisen Route)
  • Photo: Dirty Graffiti (汚いラクガキの写真, Taken at an alley in Faram Obius)
  • Photo: 3-D Projection Equipment (立体投影装置の写真, Obtained at Faram Obius' square)
  • Topic: Time Machine (タイムマシンの話題, In front of hologram ball in Faram Obius city)

After this, he can be scouted.



At level 99

  • GP: 170
  • TP: 155
  • Kick: 102
  • Dribble: 111
  • Block: 173
  • Catch: 116
  • Technique: 133
  • Speed: 102
  • Stamina: 95
  • Lucky: 119





Game Exclusive TeamsEdit

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