Inside Silver
Inside Silver game formation
Team Data
JP name インサイドシルバー
Dub name None
Captain Gin 10
Coach None
Wins 0
Losses 1
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 017 (As Storm Wolf)

Inside Silver (インサイドシルバー, Insaido Shirubā) is a game-exclusive team that also made an appearance as Storm Wolf in the anime.



In episode 17, the team impersonated the original Storm Wolf and had a match against Inazuma Japan. After the match ended, it was revealed that the team is actually Inside Silver in disguise.


They are the last team in the right route of Sazanaara's route. The members' level is 39.

This team will randomly drop the following items:


  1. Gin 1 (GK)
  2. Gin 2 (DF)
  3. Gin 3 (DF)
  4. Gin 4 (DF)
  5. Gin 5 (DF)
  6. Gin 6 (MF)
  7. Gin 7 (MF)
  8. Gin 8 (MF)
  9. Gin 9 (FW)
  10. Gin 10 (FW/Captain)
  11. Gin 11 (FW)


  • All members share the forename "Gin", which means "silver" in Japanese.

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