Hello there! This page will list all the projects to keep a track of all the projects the users are doing to "finish" this wiki. Feel free to add your project here too! You can also add the same project under your name, even another user has listed it too.


  • Adding all the hissatsu list to the Holy Road teams members.
  • Adding all the stats to the Holy Road teams members.
  • Adding all the Keshin pages. (COMPLETED)
  • Adding all the Hissatsu Tactics pages. (COMPLETED)
  • Adding all the dubnames to the pages that are official.
  • Adding all Taisen routes' teams.
  • Adding atleast all the characters of the Taisen routes' teams.


  • Adding all the hissatsu usage description (and make improvements as much as possible)
  • Adding all the game slideshows of hissatsu.
  • Adding all the game slideshows of Souls.
  • Adding other additional game-related information.

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