Inazuma Eleven GO 7 (Ladybug Coro Coro Mangas)
Inazuma Eleven GO 07 Album Cover
JP name イナズマイレブン GO 7 (てんとう虫コロコロコミックス)
Author Yabuno Tenya (やぶのてんや)
Language Japanese
Publisher Shogakukan
Publication Date 28/4/2014
Pages 133
ISBN-10 4091417442
ISBN-13 978-4091417442

Inazuma Eleven GO 7 (Ladybug Coro Coro Mangas) [イナズマイレブン GO 7 (てんとう虫コロコロコミックス)] is the seventh installment in the Inazuma Eleven GO manga series published by Shogakukan. The entire series is serialized in the monthly Coro Coro Manga, while only the seventh installment concerns the Galaxy arc of the series.

Differences with the AnimeEdit

  • Ichikawa Zanakurou and Nishizono Shinsuke never join Earth Eleven in the manga.
  • Ozrock appears as a power-hungry general of Faram Obius instead of a Ixalian seeking revenge.
  • The cosmic plasma photon cannon is used for destroying planets instead of black holes. It is also invented by Ozrock instead of Potomuri.
  • Katra, Potomuri, Sarjes and Acrous never make an appearance and are never once mentioned. 

Chapters ListEdit

  • Note: As the manga actually sequences from the last volume, the manga's first chapter is actually supposed to be 26.

26: Earth representatives!? Earth Eleven!! (地球代表!? アースイレブン!!, Chikyū daihyō! ? Āsu Irebun! !)

27: New power, Soul awakening! (新たな力、ソウル覚醒!, Aratana-ryoku, Sōru kakusei!)

28: The Feelings for Victory without hesitation! (迷いなき勝利ヘの思い!, Mayoi naki shōri e no omoi!)

29: The Last Enemy Appeared (現れた最後の敵, Arawareta saigo no teki)

30: Exceed the limit with the Best Pass! (最高のパスで限界を超えろ!, Saikō no pasu de genkai o koero!)

Final Chapter: Tenma flies! The last decisive battle of the Fierce Battle!! (天馬飛翔! 激闘の最終決戦!!, Tenma hishō! Gekitō no saishū kessen! !

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