Ichikawa Zanakurou Gallery

Ichikawa Zanakurou
Ichikawa Zanakurou HQ episode 23
JP name 市川 座名九郎
Gender Male Icon
Position FWicon
Number 18
Element Wood Icon
Team Earth Eleven
Seiyuu Konishi Katsuyuki
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 018

Ichikawa Zanakurou (市川座名九郎) is a forward for Earth Eleven.


Zanarkurou's debut HQ

Zanakurou's debut.

Ichikawa has a dark tanned skin-tone, dark green spiky hair which is styled into two ponytails that rest on his shoulders, which are shaped like spheres. His eyes have a red iris and black pupils in what looks like a exclamation mark (!), but shaped slightly differently. His casual clothes are a cream shirt with his buttons undone, and wears a black shirt underneath. He also wears black trousers and dark blue shoes.


Although he has only been seen for a short while, he was seen to be very polite towards the members of Earth Eleven.


Ichikawa was introduced by Endou Mamoru in episode 18 to the other members of Earth Eleven. Being one of the people to join Earth Eleven, he was grateful to have finally meet the others.

In episode 19, he was introduced by Minaho Kazuto that he came from the Ichikawa family, which is famous for Kabuki. He showed off his soccer skills while playing against Inazuma Japan. He easily dribbled past Tetsukado Shin and also scored a goal. He also played a practice match with Raimon

In episode 22 he was benched along with Nishizono Shinsuke, while the match of Earth Eleven and Sandorius Eleven was on-going.

He started to play in the match in episode 23, and spoke to Konoha as he noticed her potential of using Soul. Soon enough, she stole the ball from Barga Zachs using her Soul Fox, and it went to Ichikawa who then used his Soul Lion which scored the second goal for Earth Eleven.



Game Exclusive TeamsEdit


  • He is a Kabuki actor.
  • He greatly resembles Zanark Avalonic, a character from the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.
  • It's known that all this time, he was being trained by Endou Mamoru.

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