Gurdon in EP28 HQ
JP name ガードン
Dub name None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 028

Gurdon (ガードン) is a planet. Their soccer team Gurdon Eleven is the third opponent of Earth Eleven in the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament.


Earth Eleven arrived in this planet in episode 28 and toured around with Ishigashi Gorham as their guider. Most of Earth Eleven's members were unable to stand the heat, and there was even condensed water vapor on Manabe's glasses. Ishigashi then told them a brief history of Gurdon.

Several years ago, all the people of Gurdon have wings and live in the sky, but nowadays many residents gained robotic arms and built machines for their lives, and they started to move onto the land to live. However, other people of Gurdon still saw their wings as their pride and refused to throw away their wings. The residents therefore split into two groups: "Pro-Machine Faction" from the western tribe and "Anti-Machine Faction" from the eastern tribe.

Inhabitants' appearanceEdit

Most of the residents of Gurdon have relatively bird-like features. Inhabitants that belong to the "Anti-Machine Faction" have wings, while those who belong to the "Pro-Machine Faction" have robotic arms and no longer have wings

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