Grand Celesta Galaxy

The Grand Celesta Galaxy (グランドセレスタ・ギャラクシー) is a tournament to be held in the future episodes of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series, and is held in the Faramdite galaxy.


The Grand Celesta Galaxy was first mentioned in scans, mentioning that it was a tournament to determine Earth's fate. The scans also confirmed that the Football Frontier International Vision 2 was just for Inazuma Japan (soon to be Earth Eleven) to prepare for the real tournament, being the Grand Celesta Galaxy.

In episode 18, as explained by Bitway Ozrock, Grand Celesta Galaxy was held because of a planet, Faram Obius. The planet is going to be destroyed as a Black Hole coming closer and closer to the planet, and the population is overflowing. To save themselves from doom, they planned to declare war on other planets. Ginga Renpou Hyougikai managed to negotiate with Faram Obius for a better solution: a soccer tournament that decide which planet can choose their next habitat in front of others, which is Grand Celesta Galaxy. FFIV2 Asia preliminaries is only the preliminaries of Grand Celesta Galaxy Block A, which is the reason why the Storm Wolf players were revealed to be aliens.

Participating TeamsEdit



  • It's known that the Grand Celesta Galaxy is held 188,000 light years away from Earth.
  • Each planet introduced in the series other than Earth has it's own element; for example Sandorius is based on the element of sand.
  • According to Ishigashi Gorham, different aliens can join other aliens' teams as long as the original inhabitants permit the change.

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