Galaxy Nauts Gou
Galaxy Notes Gou HQ
JP name ギャラクシー・ノーツ号
Dub name None
Type Train (Spaceship)
User Earth Eleven
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 019

The Galaxy Nauts Gou (ギャラクシー・ノーツ号) is a spaceship-train that Earth Eleven use to travel throughout space.



It debuted in episode 19. As Earth Eleven have gotten ready to go out to the space, each of the dormitories of the Odaiba Soccer Garden turned and connected together with some extra parts, forming Galaxy Nauts Gou. Earth Eleven then boarded the train, along with Shinsuke, who was shown hiding in the train.

In episode 20, Earth Eleven arrived at Sandorius by using the Galaxy Nauts Gou, and it was parked at the Sandorius Station.


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