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Team Data
JP name ギャラクシーイレブン
Dub name None
Captain Implied to be Nishizono Shinsuke
Coach None
Wins 0
Losses 0
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 041

Galaxy Eleven (ギャラクシーイレブン, Gyarakushī Irebun) is a team that replaced Earth Eleven in the second half in the match against Ixal Fleet.



The team made its debut in episode 41. During the break, Shitennou appeared to Earth Eleven and offered their help, along with Kazerma Woorg, Powai Pichori, Arbega Gordon and Banda Koloogyu Jr, Banda's son. Along with Shinsuke and Zanakurou joining, Galaxy Eleven was born and replaced Earth Eleven during the second half.


This team first appears after the first half, as all Earth Eleven members' Souls are on rampage after Ixal Fleet uses Berserk Ray on them. The team will automatically appear. However, you can still select your own members of Galaxy Eleven of your favoring.

The team itself is also a playable when entering the Legend Gate located at Lost Galaxy. The match will then be against Ixal Fleet and have a fixed formation.



  • Ryugel Baran is the one who names the team "Galaxy Eleven" after Gandales Baran asked him if joining Earth Eleven will transform them into Earthlings.
    • However, in the anime version, Arbega was the one who first called the team "Galaxy Eleven".
  • After Galaxy Eleven ties the score with Ixal Fleet, Earth Eleven will re-enter the match.
  • Unlike in the game, with all the members wearing Earth Eleven's uniforms, in the anime version all of them simply wore their own teams' uniforms.

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