Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon Galaxy 3 HQ
Team Data
JP name ファイアードラゴン
Dub name Fire Dragon
Captain Lee Chunyun
Coach Chae Chan Soo
Wins 0
Losses 1
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Anime Episode 002
Fire Dragon emblem HQ

Fire Dragon (ファイアードラゴン) is the represententative team for Korea in the Football Frontier International Vision 2.


The uniform is red with light grey lines at the sides. The pants are light grey with red socks. The shoes are purple blue with light grey at the top. The captain band is light yellow.

The goalkeeper uniform is grey with dark grey sleeves. The pants are dark blue with dark grey socks. The shoes are purple blue with light grey at the top.


They are the first team Inazuma Japan played against in the Football Frontier International Vision 2. They lost against Inazuma Japan with a score of 2-1. Their captain, Lee Chunyun scored once with Rapid Fire, whilst Inazuma Japan scored with God Wind and Devil Burst. After the match and Fire Dragon had gone back to their changing rooms, their clothes were seen scattered all over the floor with what looked like green slime over the clothes, mainly Lee Chunyun's.


  1. Nam Do-Hyeon (GK)
  2. Chae Shinghe (DF)
  3. Pe Jongho (DF)
  4. Seo Young-Jin (DF)
  5. Shin Woo-Jin (DF)
  6. Yan Go-Eun (MF)
  7. Song Ji-Hoon (MF)
  8. Pyon Min-Soo (MF)
  9. Sim So-Yeon (FW)
  10. Lee Chunyun (FW/Captain)
  11. Hwang Jun-Ho (FW)



  • Just like every other team in the FFIV2 (except Shamshir and Inazuma Japan), Fire Dragon's players' data has drastically increased since there previous data seen from their last tournament.

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