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Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane!
Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane 4 HQ
Episode Data
Episode # 042
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production Unknown
Animation Director None
Japan 12/3/2014
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Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane! (嵐・竜巻・ハリケーン!, Arashi Tatsumaki Harikēn!) is the forty-second episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.

Known EventEdit

Hissatsu/Tactics UsedEdit



Soul UsedEdit


[Matatagi Hayato] Pull everyone forward with your plays!


  • The name of the episode is the same as the hissatsu that debuted in this episode and the third ending song.
  • After Matatagi said to Tenma that he should show his true plays and changed positions with Tenma, the first opening of Inazuma Eleven GO called Ten Made Todoke was played again until Tenma scored with Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane.

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