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The Berserk Shoot of Tears!
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Episode # 034
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production Unknown
Animation Director None
Japan 15/1/2013
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The Berserk Shoot of Tears! (涙の怒髪天シュート!, Namida no Dohatsuten Shūto!) is the thirty-fourth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Under the Baran brothers' attack, Earth Eleven was once again suppressed. However, Minaho surprisingly unleashed a shocking new hissatsu named Asokoni UFO! The two Shitennou members were so furious, they left during the first-half!

The match continued with Kusaka still feeling frustrated as he still could not activate his Soul. After noticing that, Konoha delivered him some words of encouragement. Kusaka then finally unleashed his Soul, named Grizzly! However, after using Tentacle Hold, Banda Koloogyu suddenly perished as his life ended. While Kusaka kneeled beside his corpse, Banda's spirit talked with Kusaka before finally passing away. Kusaka then started crying, scoring the winning goal for Earth Eleven and concluded the match.

After the match ended, the entirety of Earth Eleven went to Banda's burial place, placing a flower on top of his grave and said their final goodbyes. Later, Tenma was led to the last fragment of hope by Katra Paige.

Known EventsEdit

Hissatsu UsedEdit

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[Morimura Konoha] You need to understand the parts that make you weak!


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