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Limited Time! Eternal Friendship! !
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Episode # 033
Screenplay Unknown
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Animation Director None
Japan 8/1/2014
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Limited Time! Eternal Friendship!! (限りある時間!永遠の友情!!, Kagiri aru jikan! Eien no yūjō! !) is the thirty-third episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


As Banda suggested, Earth Eleven and Ratoniik Eleven have a joint-training. However, while watching Ratoniik Eleven's own training, Komecky Shoryou died suddenly. Banda told them that Ratoniik's inhabitants only have a lifespan of approximately one month, which shocked Earth Eleven a lot. During the break after the joint-training, Tenma and his teammates have a talk recalling their memories of the Grand Celesta Galaxy tournament they have gone through so far.

Meanwhile, Kusaka Ryuuji was feeling frustrated as he couldn't activate his Soul. However, when he talked with Banda, he learnt the shocking fact that Banda has only one more day to live, implying that the match between Earth Eleven and Ratoniik Eleven would be his first and last match.

In the next day, the match between Earth Eleven and Ratoniik Eleven started. While Manabe Jinichirou was able to unleash his Soul Strike, Kusaka was still feeling uneasy as he couldn't. However, the two Shitennou members, Ryugel Baran and Gandales Baran pressed Earth Eleven with their combo play, and they quickly scored a goal against Earth Eleven! How would Earth Eleven make a comeback in this situation?

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[Banda Koloogyu] Even if it is one match, as long I get to shine in it, I'll be satisfied!


  • Due to 1st of January being the first day of 2014, this episode's airing date procrastinated to the 8th of January.
  • As a new anime series named "Youkai Watch" starts airing, the airing time delays to 7:27 PM.
  • Supernova! and Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane debuted as the new opening and ending in this episode.
  • Jibanyan, the protagonist youkai from Youkai Watch, made its first cameo appearance in this episode.

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