Scorching Planet Gurdon!
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Episode Data
Episode # 028
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production Unknown
Animation Director None
Japan 27/11/2013
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Scorching Planet Gurdon! (灼熱の惑星ガードン!, Shakunetsu no Wakusei Gādon!) is the twenty-eighth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Earth Eleven arrived at the planet of fire, Gurdon. After touring around, they were told that the planet was in civil war with the two parties, the Pro-Machine Faction and the Anti-Machine Faction vying for the rule of the planet. In Faram Obius, Lalaya Obies was led by Tsurugi Kyousuke into another aspect of Faram Obius she had never seen: the unhappy world outside.

After meeting Katra Paige again, Earth Eleven decided to split in three groups in search for the third fragment of hope, the red stone. On the other hand, Rodan Gasgus, the Shitennou member in Gurdon Eleven, has set up traps to cause injury to the Earth team. Two groups have managed to escape, but Shindou and Ibuki were thrown off a cliff by a mechanical bird. Plummeting towards the bottom, a pool of scorching magma awaits them!

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Soul UsedEdit


[Tetsukado Shin] We just have to keep persisting!

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