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Minaho's Own Goal!
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Episode Data
Episode # 27
Screenplay Fukushima Yoshifumi
Storyboard Mori Takeshi
Production O Jingu
Animation Director Yokoyama Takashi, Mori Chiduru
Japan 20/11/2013
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Minaho's Own Goal (皆帆のオウンゴール!, Minaho no Oun Gōru!) is the twenty-seventh episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Hilary Flail joined the second half of the match, and Sazanaara Eleven started to use their mind-seeing ability to their full extent, making the game hard for Earth Eleven to win. Suddenly, Minaho shot the ball towards Earth's goalpost, scoring an own goal! Did Minaho betray the team, or was it a splendid strategy he was pulling? 

Known EventEdit

  • Hilary Flail joined the second half of the match.
  • Sazanaara Eleven started using their mind-seeing ability.
  • Minaho started to play against his teammates and scored an own goal.
  • To avoid their minds being read, Earth Eleven started playing randomly.
  • Minaho used his SoulFukurou for the first time.
  • The match ended with 3-2 to the favour of Earth Eleven.
  • Matatagi's brothers communicated with him.
  • Katra led Tenma to retrieve another stone.
  • Potomuri appeared in his previous form and explained to Earth Eleven his story.
    • He was a scientist working in Kiel's royal palace.
    • Before Kiel was completely destroyed, Potomuri narrowly escaped, but his invention was destroyed, resulting in him escaping in the form of a spirit.

Hissatsu UsedEdit

Souls UsedEdit


[Minaho Kazuto] Don't think too much about details, just play with the ball!

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