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目覚めよ! 俺のダークサイド
Awakening! My Dark Side
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Episode Data
Episode # 26
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production Unknown
Animation Director None
Japan 13/11/2013
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Awakening! My Dark Side!! (目覚めよ! 俺のダークサイド!!, Mezameyo! Ore no Dāku Saido! !) is the twenty-sixth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


As the match between Sazanaara Eleven and Earth Eleven started, Earth Eleven were still anxious at the fact that the Sazanaara team might be seeing their minds, despite of the captain, Powai Pichori promising no to do so. However, when the Sazanaara team saw Tenma and Matatagi's "azurs", they hatched a plan to destroy their "azurs"! In order to do so, they started to reveal Matatagi's true thoughts about their team so that his darkness would be expanded and be destroyed eventually. However, Tenma and Zanakurou unexpectedly "talked" him out and Matatagi's hidden Dark Side was activated! How will the match advance with such development? 

Known EventEdit

  • Tsurugi asked Lalaya to let him tour around before deciding about their marriage.
  • The match between Sazanaara Eleven and Earth Eleven started.
    • Powai Pichori and her teammates planned to use Matatagi's dark "azur" against Tenma's bright "azur". 
    • Referring to their own theory, the dark "azur" will swallow up the bright "azur".
  • Powai saw Matatagi's mind and revealed to Earth Eleven his true intentions.
  • Matatagi Hayato's Dark Side was activated for the first time after Tenma "talked" him out.
  • Matatagi used his Soul and scored the first goal for Earth Eleven.
  • The first half ended with 1-1.
  • Hilary Flail decided to join the second half and absorbed Sarama Salasa's life force.

Hissatsu UsedEdit

Souls UsedEdit


[Matsukaze Tenma] All good things and bad things about you are what make you my friend!

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