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Matatagi Hayato's Darkness!
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Episode Data
Episode # 025
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production Unknown
Animation Director None
Japan 6/11/2013
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Matatagi Hayato's Darkness (瞬木隼人の闇!, Matatagi Hayato no Yami!) is the twenty fifth episode of the Inazuma Elevne GO Galaxy series.


Earth Eleven was thinking about what had happend in the soccer battle as the Sazanaara citzens could predict their movements. Mizukawa Minori revealed that the citzens could looking into the people hearts, which shocked all the members especially Matatagi Hayato. Everyone went to the Black Room and Matatagi was thinking about what the citzens said to him about being "a lone wolf". Matatagi's past was then revealed and why he couldn't trust other people. Will Matatagi be able to trust his teammates and the others again?

Meanwhile, The team continued to plan on how to get the better of Sazanaara Eleven, and Fake Tsurugi Kyousuke was also getting suspected by Morimura Konoha. What is the conspiracy behind Fake Tsurugi, and what will he do to the team?

Major EventsEdit



[Matsukaze Tenma] People are called people because they have both good faces and bad faces.

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