The Warriors of the Water Planet!
Matatagi lost to a Sazanaara soccer player
Episode Data
Episode # 024
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production Unknown
Animation Director None
Japan 30/10/1013
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Episode 023 Episode 025

The Warriors of the Water Planet! (水の星の戦士たち!, Mizu no Hoshi no Senshitachi!) is the twenty fourth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


When Mizukawa declared herself as an alien, Potomuri came out and told the truth about him and Mizukawa: the truth that she and Potomuri were the same person,when Potomuri's spirit escaped from his ruined home planet and flew to Mizukawa's body, "healing" her in the process. Potomuri also revealed that Kiel was ruined by a black hole. On the other hand, in Faram Obius, Tsurugi was welcomed by the queen of the planet, Lalaya Obies, who took him on a tour through her city and showed him an impressing leadership. However, Tsurugi then faced a shocking proposal...

Earth Eleven arrived in Sazanaara, where their next match will be held. Tenma then confronted Katra Paige again, and asked her questions that were left unawered. However, Katra gave him a clue: he must win through the tournament in order to learn the truth. Tenma and a few others then played a soccer battle with some citizens of Sazanaara. However, they were unable to connect their passes. At the same time, the Sazanaara players all seemed to aim their interest at Matatagi for unknown reason. The soccer battle ended with the Sazanaara players winning with one point. Before departure, one of the aliens told Matatagi that he is a "lonely person" and someone none of his friends really care about. At this point, Matatagi is left in fury as how those people seemed to understand him...

Known EventEdit

  • Potomuri revealed his true identity, that he had been controlling Mizukawa's body.
    • When Mizukawa was in a hospital, Potomuri accidentally "healed " her after his spirit entered her body.
  • Potomuri also told Earth Eleven that Kiel was destroyed by a black hole.
  • Tsurugi met Lalaya Obies, who proposed to him.
    • She showed him around the city they were in.
    • She also ordered Minel Eiba to help a Faram Obiusi kid who got lost and was crying.
    • Tsurugi was shown to be impressed by her leadership.
  • Earth Eleven arrived in Sazanaara.
  • Tenma met Katra again.
    • She was, however, only a shining light that Tenma couldn't reach.
    • She told him something about the salvation of the galaxy.
    • Everything went back to normal after Katra vanished.
  • Tenma, MatatagiManabeMinaho and Ibuki played a soccer battle with some citizens of Sazanaara.
    • They were shown to have great speed.
    • The Sazanaara citizens won the soccer battle with one point.
  • Before the Sazanaara people left, one of them, Guraami purposely told Matatagi that he is "a lonely guy", which seemingly irriated him.




[Matsukaze Tenma] We won't have a chance if we don't attack!

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