Berserk! The Black Room
Rampage! The Black Room
Episode Data
Episode # 021
Screenplay Unknown
Storyboard None
Production Unknown
Animation Director None
Japan 9/10/2013
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Episode 020 Episode 022

Rampage! The Black Room!! (暴走!ブラックルーム!!, Bōsō! Burakku Rūmu! !) is the twenty-first episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.

Known EventsEdit

  • Shinsuke watched the team training.
  • Shinsuke began a rivalry with Ibuki, as Ibuki looked down on him as a goalkeeper.
  • Tetsukado and Shinsuke decided to train in the Black Room together.
    • Tetsukado accidentally caused the Black Room to malfunction, and so Tetsukado and Shinsuke were trapped inside while the room was going out of control with training sessions.
  • A team of Haniwa Paolo appeared, and Tetsukado and Shinsuke played a soccer-battle against them (along with programmed Tsurugi, Konoha, Minaho and Ibuki).
  • Shinsuke became unsure about his skills as he couldn't save any of Haniwa's shoots, and he let Ibuki inside the program to play as goalkeeper instead.
    • However, Shinsuke saw Ibuki defending the goal no matter what, and he changed his mind. He also gave advice to Ibuki in which it worked.





[Nishizono Shinsuke] There're two of us here. We just have to get stronger together! 

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