A Visitor
Galaxy episode18 titlepic HD
Episode Data
Episode # 018
Screenplay Okamura Naohiro
Storyboard Mori Takeshi
Production Okamura Naohiro
Animation Director Oka Tatsuya, Tanaka Shiho
Japan 4/09/2013
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Episode 017 Episode 019

A Visitor (来訪者, Raihousha) is the eighteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


Awestruck at the sight of the spaceship and the alien players, Inazuma Japan eventually met the alien messenger: Bitway Ozrock. He told them about Grand Celesta Galaxy, which proved to be hard to understand to the team. Suddenly, at the entrance came Gouenji Shuuya, who explained the whole incident...

Three months ago, the Moon was reported disappearing due to dust in the space, but later Bitway visited Gouenji personally and explained Grand Celesta Galaxy to him. Since Gouenji only thought it was a joke, Bitway used a soccer ball-like weapon to eliminate the Moon, to threaten Gouenji. At this point, Gouenji, with Zaizen Sousuke's aid, assembled all the countries' official and accompanied Bitway to Sekai Gikai Kaijyou to explain the whole course of Grand Celesta Galaxy.

As Bitway explained, Faram Obius is a planet about to be destroyed due to a blackhole. Therefore, the planet decided to wage war against other planets. Ginga Renpou Hyougikai, however, negotiated with them to a better solution, which is Grand Celesta Galaxy, a tournament held to decide all the planets' fates. Instead of destroying one another with its military power, the residents of the planets must prove themselves in the interplanetary soccer tournament that they are strong enough to survive, and the winner will have the priority to choose their next habitat. At this point, Earth is forced to choose one way: if they don't send out their players, their planet will be destroyed; if they don't win, Earth will be invaded... 

Upon returning to their meeting centre, Kuroiwa revealed himself to be truly Kageyama Reiji that Shindou had claimed him to be, and he explained that upon being used on a new medicine, he came back to life and accepted to be Earth Eleven's coach.  He then explained about Soul, saying that it's still an ability that was sleeping inside all eleven present. After listening to all the explainations, Tenma became determined to go to space. Suddenly, Endou stepped into the room and brought forth a familiar-looking player: Ichikawa Zanakurou.

Known EventsEdit



[Matsukaze Tenma] Our soccer is what brings hope to Earth! 

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